Strategy of the MMA

In the MMA there are two basic strategies of warfare: shock technique – when the soldier tends to win by punches, elbowing, knees and kicks, and wrestling – when a fighter uses throws, grabs and pain / chokes. However, to improve the skills of warfare the martial arts are traditionally used.

* To improve the shock technique in the rack the most popular are boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, various forms of karate.

* To improve the control in clinch the most popular disciplines are freestyle wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling, Judo, and Sambo, while Muay Thai is practically indispensable for mastering the technique of strikes in clinch.

* Finally, the pit is improved by studying Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Shoot wrestling, judo and sambo.

These martial arts are effective to learn how to be in a dominant position on the floor, and protection from it.

Particular attention is paid to the study of pain and strangling techniques. On the initial stages of the MMA, as a modern sport, pain and strangling techniques were extremely effective and allowed the men with unimpressive physical characteristics to win the victories over much larger opponents.

It should be noted that the limitations of the traditional form of many martial arts inevitably led to an adaptation to the conditions of the battle on mixed rules.

For example, traditional boxing stance is ineffective to counter-attack after a low-Kicks, Muay Thai because of its static nature it makes the fighter vulnerable to the passage in the legs, while in judo considerable emphasis is made on the use of ghee. As a result, many of the fighters train with the coaches of different styles under the auspices of a fight club.

* Approaches to the workouts vary to some extent in every club, however, they are invariably a combination of aerobic exercises and high-speed exercises, and strength training.

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