Fedor Emelianenko finished career after fight with Pedro Rizzo

The most famous MMA fighter in the history of the sport – Russian Fedor Emelianenko – will have his last fight in his career on June 21. The only athlete in the history of MM, without a single defeat for more than 10 years, fully made up his mind to end the career.

“Every time I promised my wife that this fight would be the last for me, but every time I had to deceive her. This time I really decided to stop. I think I must go. I spent most of my life in the ring – now it’s time to spend time with my family – said Fedor in the interview with “Izvestiya”.

His opponent in the final fight will be the famous Brazilian MMA veteran 38-year-old Pedro Rizzo, who said that this fight would be the implementation of his dreams. Despite the fact that Fedor’s opponent had not gone into the ring for more than two years due to severe trauma, “The Last Emperor” is confident that his opponent is still a formidable opponent.

“Never underestimate your opponents. I’ve seen Rizzo’s fights and I can say that he is a very strong and tough fighter. And even the fact that he has not fought for two years, does not mean that he has lost his fighting condition – training and sparring make things right again”, – said Emelianenko.

During his long history of appearances in the professional ring, Fedor won dozens of awards and recognitions. For a long time he was considered the most powerful MMA fighter in the history of sport, regardless of weight class. By the way, if you’re interested – William Hill gives you all the latest MMA / UFC betting odds, expert tips and live action sport.

It is interesting that even receiving multi-million dollar fees, The Last Emperor did not move to Moscow or St. Petersburg from native Belgorod. He still spends all his free time at home with his wife and children.

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Mixed Martial Arts are an essential part of the development of our society…

Mixed Martial Arts are an essential part of the development of our society being as long as the history of mankind and being as important as the development of industries, from sheet metal forming to the production of sports equipment.

Mixed Martial Arts, MMA – sport and the category of martial arts, which includes various means and methods of defense and attack in close combat.

The basis of mixed martial arts is classic wrestling (Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling, judo, jiu-jitsu, etc.) and classical striking technique (boxing and kick-boxing, Muay Thai, etc.).

In contrast to the classical martial arts, most of which originate from the East, mixed martial arts do not carry a spiritual or religious pressure, preferring sports aspects.

Unified and effective mixed martial arts have become increasingly popular in today’s world.

Open competition in MMA – Fighting mixed style, or “ultimate fighting” – is particularly popular.

The most popular among regular competitions are the Absolute Fighting Championship (UFC), K-1 World Championship, Championship, Cage Rage, Fighting Championships PRIDE (before the collapse in 2007), Fight Championship RINGS (before the collapse in 2002) and others.

Pankration was an ancient form of unarmed combat, resembling modern MMA.

While various forms of unorganized, unarmed combat without rules precede the history, civilization, and even human varieties directly (even monkeys are fighting hand to hand), the earliest documentation of organized struggle with minimal rules was Ancient Greek pankration, which was introduced in Olympics in 648 BC.

Ancient Greek pankration later inspired strong Etruscan and Roman pankratsium, the case of demonstrations in Roman Coliseum. Just in the Early Middle Ages, statues were raised in Rome and other cities, to lift a wonderful pankratiasts of Rome.

Competition without rules reportedly took place in the late 1800′s, when wrestlers representing a huge range of fighting styles including various styles of fighting, Greco-Roman wrestling and many others met in tournaments and matches in the music halls throughout Europe.

Competitions in mixed styles such as boxing against jiu-jitsu were popular entertainment throughout Europe, Japan and the Pacific during the early 1900′s.

Professional wrestling died out after World War I and was reborn in two streams: “hunting”, in which the fighters really fought, and “show”, which evolved into modern professional Restling.

In the late 1960′s until the early 1970′s, the idea of combining the elements of a multi-martial arts was popularized in the USA by Bruce Lee through his system and philosophy of Jeet Kune.

Strategy of the MMA

In the MMA there are two basic strategies of warfare: shock technique – when the soldier tends to win by punches, elbowing, knees and kicks, and wrestling – when a fighter uses throws, grabs and pain / chokes. However, to improve the skills of warfare the martial arts are traditionally used.

* To improve the shock technique in the rack the most popular are boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, various forms of karate.

* To improve the control in clinch the most popular disciplines are freestyle wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling, Judo, and Sambo, while Muay Thai is practically indispensable for mastering the technique of strikes in clinch.

* Finally, the pit is improved by studying Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Shoot wrestling, judo and sambo.

These martial arts are effective to learn how to be in a dominant position on the floor, and protection from it.

Particular attention is paid to the study of pain and strangling techniques. On the initial stages of the MMA, as a modern sport, pain and strangling techniques were extremely effective and allowed the men with unimpressive physical characteristics to win the victories over much larger opponents.

It should be noted that the limitations of the traditional form of many martial arts inevitably led to an adaptation to the conditions of the battle on mixed rules.

For example, traditional boxing stance is ineffective to counter-attack after a low-Kicks, Muay Thai because of its static nature it makes the fighter vulnerable to the passage in the legs, while in judo considerable emphasis is made on the use of ghee. As a result, many of the fighters train with the coaches of different styles under the auspices of a fight club.

* Approaches to the workouts vary to some extent in every club, however, they are invariably a combination of aerobic exercises and high-speed exercises, and strength training.

Origin and development

Pankration is the oldest style of fighting without weapons, resembling modern MMA. The ancient Greeks introduced this discipline in the Olympic Games in 648 BC.

Greek pankration then transformed into a more brutal Etruscan and Roman “pankratium”. The fighting in this style were shown in the Colosseum, and the statues of eminent fighters were subsequently established in Rome and other Italian cities.

Some public performances of battles took place in the end of XIX century. They represented different styles of fighting, including jujutsu, wrestling and other styles.

Competitions with mixed styles (e.g. a boxer against a wrestler) were very popular in Europe and in many countries in the Far East at the turn of XIX and XX centuries.

In England the martial art called “bartitsu” appeared, combining European and Asian studies.

Mention of bartitsu, in particular, is found in the books of famous English writer Arthur Conan Doyle, who attributed the possession of “deadly struggle of bartitsu” to his anti-hero – Professor Moriarty.

His expertise in this area Moriarty uses a melee fight against Sherlock Holmes, the representative of the School of English boxing, at the edge of the Reichenbach Falls.

After the First World War, the struggle was revived in the two main streams. First – was a real competition, called “shootwrestling”; second began to depend more on the planned choreographed show, which led to professional wrestling, now popular in the U.S..

In the late 60-ies the concept of combining elements of different martial arts was popularized by Bruce Lee, however, because of the “Iron Curtain”, in the USSR, these skills became widely known only in the late 70′s.

The philosophy developed by Bruce Lee, was called “JKD”, and one of its main principles is the ability to adapt successfully to a fighter of any style.

Exercise by Lee and, especially, movies with his participation influenced the MMA to such an extent that in 2004 UFC president Dana White called Lee “the father of MMA.” It should be noted that in addition to JKD since even more ancient times the mixed-martial arts such as karate and kadzyukembo INSEE Goju Ryu already existed.

In Russia, the predecessor of the MMA was Sambo – a system developed by the synthesis of many types of martial arts in the USSR in 1938, thanks to the order № 633 “On the development of freestyle struggle”.

Of all of existing martial arts, Sambo most closely resembles the MMA according to the arsenal of techniques used.

However, it should be noted that Sambo is divided into two main areas: sports and military, also founded in 1930s, but till 1991 it was available only to law enforcement agencies.

In the first case, the main task is to demonstrate the throwing techniques or techniques of pain sleight, the Combat Sambo is much closer to the MMA in its essence, as its primary ability is that the fighter should deprive the enemy of the resistance.

Finkelstein: “In mixed martial arts all is clear” Part 2

How are the mixed martial arts called in Europe?

There are different versions: mix fight, free fight, and others, but the essence is one. All of them belong to the MMA (mixed martial arts), and the names vary from country to country and there are some small differences in the rules.

How did you meet with Fedor Emelianenko?

I learned Fedor when he began performing in PRIDE.

I called him and offered to meet.

After talking with him, I realized that Theodore, as a champion of the world, should make completely different money.

In this “kitchen” I’ve been for a long time, so I understand the price of today’s market. We immediately found common language.

Fedor knew me a little from the words of other guys. At that time I already had contracts with Amar Suloev, Roman Zentsov, Andrei Semenov. They met with Fedor in tournaments in Combat Sambo.

It happened so that one organization offered me a very good contract. I offered good conditions to Fyodor, and he gladly accepted them. Thus our collaboration began.

How are mixed martial arts developing now?

We have already established branches in many countries and the tournaments ae held. In 2010 24 events are scheduled, not counting those where Fedor Emelianenko will participate. I try to attend maximum of the tournaments, but unfortunately it does not always work.

Finkelstein: “In mixed martial arts all is clear”

President of the League of mixed martial arts MIXFIGHT M-1, Vadim Finkelstein told about the birth of mixed martial in Russia.

Vadim Dyachenko, in childhood and youth, you did not go in for any sport. How is it that you came to mixed martial arts and now you dedicate the most of your time to it?

Rather, i didn’t come to fighting, but it came to me. In 1995, I began to work in market promotion of the energy drink Red Devil, which formula was developed by Dutch experts.

The organizers of mixed martial arts came to my office, the president of the International Association of mixed martial arts Api Ehteld with his partner, and they offered to sponsor the tournament.

At that time I knew nothing about this area of combat.

New friends told me about the mixed fighting, and I thought that a brand new drink might be interesting to the amateurs of fights, find its audience.

One could, of course, apply to a specialized advertising agency and pay for product promotion, but the distribution must be rebuilt, as well as logistics and partner network.

I had nothing like that. So I decided to use an unusual marketing way. Moreover, it required not much money. So Dutch ring discovered the name Red Devil.

So, mixed fighting must implement a business idea its appearance in Russia?

Not exactly. Indeed, at first I was going to sponsor only competitions, but when I saw fighting itself, they truly interested me.

The hall where they were held, was small, for 1,5-2 thousand spectators, but the situation there, the organization of fights made a very good impression.

In addition, the battles interested me with its readability.

To watch competitions on various types of combat is interesting only to those who went in for them and understand what is happening on the carpet.

The same is true, for example, about fencing.

To understand what is happening on the track, how this or that athlete receives the points, is impossible for a profane.

In mixed martial arts all is clear, even for not a specialist, minimal intervention of referee also makes them more spectacular.

When Russian fighters first came to the ring?

In 1996, we have assembled a team that included Sergei Bychkov, Nikolay Kudryashov and other fighters, which we took to Holland, at match meeting Holland-Russia.

The boys were successful, and in autumn 1997 we had a tournament at the Palace of Sports “Jubileyniy” at the level of the European Championship.

Such the stars of mixed martial arts as Bob Schreiber, Gilbert Ivel and others were involved.

Competitions gathered then more than four thousand spectators.

Petersburg was represented by Sergey Bychkov, Ruslan Kerselyan, Nikolay Kudryashov and others. Then most of our fighters were defeated, but it became clear that they were able to resist the best foreign representatives of mixed martial arts.

Then mixed martial arts were more often called the fighting without rules, and the first tournament got a mixed assessment by the press and many viewers …

Do not forget that this was the first championship organized by us and certainly there were some mistakes.

As regards the title “ultimate fighting”, I did not like it from the very beginning and actually it did not correspond to the reality – the rules were and still are, and they are quite strict.

Nevertheless, the name was caught on in Russia, although in recent times, we try to escape it. In 1998, Red Devil club was opened, the League “Mix-Fight Championships on fights without rules of M-1″ was registered.

Mixed martial arts

Mixed martial arts (often called the English acronym MMA – Mixed Martial Arts) – are martial arts, among people and in show business incorrectly called fights without the rules are a combination of many techniques, schools and trends.

MMA is characterized by a full contact battle with the shock and control equipment in the clinch, and in the ground floor. The term “MMA” was proposed in 1995 by Rick Blum, the president of Battlecade, one of the earliest organizations of MMA.

The roots of MMA goes back to the days before our era: the ancient Greeks at the first Olympic Games competed in Pancration, however, until 1990′s MMA could not boast of great popularity in the world.

Only with the formation and development of such tournaments as the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Pride Fighting Championship, etc., the popularity of MMA has risen sharply, the fall of boxing entertainment also contributed to this.

Originally the competition was organized to identify the most effective martial arts without weapons and having a minimum of rules. However, in connection with criticism of sport as a “massacre”, the promoters have introduced the additional restrictions to improve the safety of athletes and attract new viewers.

In Russia, the example of the national martial arts – is combat sambo – it is closest to the arsenal and the rules to the mixed martial arts, along with jujutsu and valetudo. Ukrainian version of mixed martial arts is free-fight.

Russian soldiers act successfully in world tournaments and are popular both in Japan and in America, where the MMA is very popular.

The most famous Russian representatives in this sport are Fedor Emelianenko, Aleksander Emelianenko, Sergei Kharitonov, Roman Zentsov, and Oleg Taktarov. Among the immigrants from the former Soviet Republics the most famous are Igor Vovchanchyn, Andrei Arlovski, Vladimir Matyushenko, Manvel Gamburyan and Karo Parisyan.